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Typing on the Toilet

Yes, I’m blogging from the toilet, but there’s no need for your mind to be in the gutter. I just moved in to a new apartment and haven’t set up internet yet, and as it turns out the bathroom is the only place that gets an unencrypted wireless signal.

Overall I accomplished quite a bit today. I worked a 10-hour day at work, came home and made myself a nice dinner, and did a complete move from start to finish, including all packing and cleaning at the first place, and unpacking into the other. This whole moving process took only 2.5 hours as well, so that’s got to be _some_ kind of world record. Granted, the two places are a few hundred feet apart, but I still feel accomplished.

In the Ubuntu world, I just noticed in Jaunty that when you switch backgrounds it does a rather sexy fade transition from the old background to the one. If you haven’t seen it yet I would definitely recommend checking it out in a VM with Jaunty Alpha 4. Now all we need is more than two wallpapers that ship with Ubuntu! Install gnome-backgrounds by default, anyone? If you don’t know about those, please install that package and check them out too, and subscribe to the linked bug report to get it more attention!

On a sadder note, recent Intrepid updates broke my fingerprint reader <--> PAM integration; did this happen to anyone else? There was one particular update asking me what I wanted to do about pam settings and I click the recommended suggestion, to use the new ones, but now pam doesn’t understand that I have a fingerprint reader to use to login/[gk]sudo, et cetera. Granted, it is only a one-liner to re-configure this, but it seems quite suboptimal!

Okay, good night/morning/afternoon everyone :)



That, my friend, is the shit.
Also thanks Marius for the bug report link, I’ve subscribed and attempted to do some basic triage. You are correct, I do use thinkfinger. So it is thinkfinger’s fault then (its pam module), and not pam?
Thanks Anonymous, I must admit I had a good to laugh to hear that someone actually had a goal to do one day blog from the toilet :)

And you are correct, no heavy stuff. My queen bed and lounge chair are my only furniture, and they are both made by AeroBed :) I just deflated them, put them in a suitcase, wheeled them over, and re-inflated them!
Well I have to admit when I read your header I though ‘Yes at least someone did it!’
Did what you might ask, I’ve always thought about a toilet-net . Some years ago it was a TV but nowadays I would like to have web access.
So for me it is still a someday want to to sit on the toilet and blog instead of reading a book. :-)

BTW: congrats to your quick move, I take it you did not have to move much stuff, heavy stuff like furniture.
Marius Gedminas
It will be more convenient if I make the link clickable (stupid Blogger is acting stupid again): #273522
Marius Gedminas
If you’re talking about thinkfinger, there’s an open bug on launchpad: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/thinkfinger/+bug/273522