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AWN Dock (and Extras) 0.3.2 Released! \o/

Avant Window Navigator has released version 0.3.2 today. This includes the release of the core dock, “awn”, and all the applets and plugins, “awn-extras”. There was a combination of about 130 bug fixes and feature requests closed in this release, including a few entirely new applets! One of my favorite new applets, moderately pointless I admit, is the Animal Farm applet which displays a cute animal who gives you a fortune on a click, thereupon changing to a different random animal. Below is a shot of 10 of them running :)

Other fun applets include a new customizable notification tray applet which supports transparency (with GTK 2.15+ in Jaunty), a flexible web comics applet, a new themeable clock, a simple to-do list, as well as plugins for Remember The Milk and Tomboy. Don’t forget that great applets like Pandora, weather, calendar, and shinyswitcher (a desktop switcher) already exist and have been improved as well.

Awn-manager has also gotten a lot of love since the last release; managing themes and launchers should provide a much better user experience. Tons of bugs have been squashed in awn-manager and most changes will be reflected immediately…no need to restart AWN!

For more detailed information please check out Mark Lee’s blog post, one of the main developers. To get it, check out the PPA, and don’t forget to Digg it! I’ll leave you with some more screenshots, all of which, including the ones above, are licensed under the WTFPL.


I am currently using awn 0.3.2 on jaunty.
How to change awn 0.3.2 to awn curve ?
Thx for help, and sorry my english not so good. I'm from Asia
Hi Shashank. You can just use the instructions on the wiki: http://wiki.awn-project.org/Installation:Ubuntu#PPA . You will have to uninstall your avant-window-navigator and awn-extras=applets packages currently installed, and then install avant-window-navigator-trunk and awn-extras-applets-trunk, after following the guide. If you have any troubles please stop by #awn on IRC (freenode)!
hey! great article!!
i have a question though..
i am currently using 0.2.6 on Intrepid
and would like to know a way to install the 0.3.2 version. can u help me with a detailed process (through Terminal)??
tjhnx in advance!!
Yes, AWN works quite well on a variety of desktop environments including KDE and XFCE, plays well with most popular compositors as well.
Dread Knight
Very tempting to use this on my KDE4.2 desktop…