Mike Rooney

programming and philosophy

"We Don't Have Much Time," He Said, "So I'll Just Talk About Me."

Hello, and welcome to my blog! My name is Michael and I am fairly active in the Ubuntu community. I would like to use the knowledge and experience I have gained working in the community to bring a wider audience in on upcoming features, current debates and issues, and my thoughts on the future of Ubuntu and Linux.

My focus in Ubuntu is on the end-user experience: making it as easy, functional, efficient, and polished as possible, especially to novice users. I am also recently focusing on incorporating new concepts and paradigms into Ubuntu, to keep it on the cutting edge (for those that want it to be).

A lot of my work in Ubuntu involves triaging incoming bugs. This includes ensuring these bugs contain enough information to figure out what the issue is, and if not, asking for the information that is necessary. It also includes assigning bugs (correctly) to packages, setting statuses (Confirmed/Incomplete/Invalid/Won’t Fix/Triaged, etc) and importances (all the way from Wishlist to Criticial) on the bugs, and poking and prodding the right people to get them fixed when a solution is apparent.

Additionally, I also do some development in avant-window-navigator/awn-extras, as well as my own application, wxBanker. Feel free to check out my Ubuntu wiki page and Launchpad page for more information.

So where is this going? Well, in working with a lot of bugs, blueprints, packages, upstream bug trackers, and developer mailing lists, as well as more direct interaction on IRC, I get to learn about how Ubuntu is structured, how the whole process works, and what is coming in newer releases; a lot of things many people never get to learn about. In doing so, I find a lot of interesting things that people might benefit from learning and enjoy reading about! Conversely, I think many of these same things would benefit from being known about and perhaps pushed for a little more. Basically, I want to use this blog to continue my aforementioned focuses: improving the Ubuntu community and user experience as a whole, but now from multiple angles.

So as not to inundate anyone I shall end this post here. However, I have a bunch of ideas already so expect to see something exciting soon!